Hello Kitty Sweets in Taipei

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, you would not want to miss this Hello Kitty themed restaurant in Taipei on Da An Road. Be prepared to drool at the decorations even before entering. And because it is Taipei, this Hello Kitty restaurant offers 4 main course options for vegetarians. Find out what they are.

Nerd alert @ Bookworm

I finally visit Bookworm Cafe while chilling at Lamma Island over the Easter break. As a vegetarian, I don’t usually get to eat Shepard’s pie so I jumped at the opportunity to try the shepardess pie from Bookworm. Instead of minced meat, the bottom layer is made of lentils and I like that it complements …


Private Kitchen @ Veggie Palace

The concept of private kitchen is quite unique to Hong Kong. The ‘kitchen’ usually decides the menu for you and you need to book in advance. Veggie Palace (貴德宮皇廷素宴) has a Zen atmosphere, decorated with calligraphy, Chinese paintings and Buddhist altars. We started our ‘banquet’ with a cold dish that includes a selection of pomelo salad, century …


Indian Delights

While I had my fair share of Indian cuisine in Singapore and Hong Kong,  I felt like I was in veggie paradise coming to India for the first time. Even the meal served on Jet Airways was tasty as I flew from Hong Kong to Mumbai, which landed at 1am followed by a 4 hour …