Gingerbread Museum in Prague

We stopped by at the Gingerbread Museum on our ascent to the Prague Castle. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Entrance to Gingerbread museum. You can also grab a cup of coffee if you fancy. Even the menu was beautifully decorated. Yum! I had to try one of these – traditional Czech handmade rolls, …


Hello Kitty Sweets in Taipei

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, you would not want to miss this Hello Kitty themed restaurant in Taipei on Da An Road. Be prepared to drool at the decorations even before entering. And because it is Taipei, this Hello Kitty restaurant offers 4 main course options for vegetarians. Find out what they are.

Branto Indian Veggie

Branto is one of my favourite Indian restaurants in Hong Kong because it serves only vegetarian food and it plays Bollywood videos on its LCD screens. I forgot the name of this dish but I love the yoghurt sauce and the yellow crispy dough, it makes the deep fried batter tastes so yummy! Instead of …