Hello Kitty Sweets in Taipei

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, you would not want to miss this Hello Kitty themed restaurant in Taipei on Da An Road. Be prepared to drool at the decorations even before entering. And because it is Taipei, this Hello Kitty restaurant offers 4 main course options for vegetarians. Find out what they are.

Lunch at World Peace Cafe

After a hectic morning at work, if you head on to the World Peace Cafe for lunch at Wanchai, you’ll be surrounded by a sense of calm. Not that this place is quiet, you usually have to book in advance to secure seats, but the environment has a positive energy around it. Perhaps it has …


Power lunch @ Cafe O

I was told that the Cafe O on Queens Rd Central is a good place to conduct your meetings since it has 2 levels and obviously quieter upstairs. Cafe O has a wide range of European food from your usual sandwiches, salads to metre long pizzas. What I like about this place is it has …