Whenever I used to eat out growing up, there would be an awkward moment where I blurt out: “I’m vegetarian”.

Choosing a meatless diet is becoming more socially acceptable these days with the rise of flexitarians – people that are mostly on a vegetarian diet but wouldn’t mind a steak once in a while and with Meatless Mondays – a movement encouraging people to save the planet and give up meat one day a week spreading across the globe.

It’s exciting times if you’re considering becoming a vegetarian now or most likely already vegan or raw, welcome to my blog.

Doufumafia started as a vegetarian resource back in 2008 when I met people that gave up vegetarianism because they found it difficult to find veggie options eating out or thinking that a plant-based diet would result in lack of protein/ nutrition. What peeved me was the biased point of view mainstream food bloggers reviewed vegetarian food.

As a vegetarian for over 20 years, Doufumafia is written from my personal perspectives – chronicaling my experiences, one veggie meal at a time, mostly in Hong Kong and slowly evolving into my travels in Southeast Asia, the U.S. and bits of Europe, and Canada.

This blog is dedicated to all vegetarians or if you’re transitioning to become one (it can be tough but hang in there) and for carnivores that want to impress your veggivore friends or other halves/ family on where to get yummy vegetarian food – mostly in Asia and some parts of the world.


Towards compassionate living,


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