Changle Vegetarian: Spicy Mala Noodles and Xiu Long Bao in Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay adds a new restaurant for Sichuan vegetarian cuisine named Changle Vegetarian – 常樂素食 – loosely translated as “Happiness Always” in Chinese.

One of the signature dishes at Changle is their steamed xiao long bao or xiu long bao, which are elaborately served shaped like a flower. Dumpling skin was soft, not too thick, and vegetable filling was tasty. We shared three of these steamed basket dumplings between the two of us.

Changle Vegetarian

Slurping Mala Shanghai noodles with steamed broccoli in glistening red chilli oil. Those spicy hot red chilli peppers. Nom!

Changle Vegetarian

Close up with the light soy sauce – dip in red vinegar sauce and complement with thinly shredded ginger slices.

Changle Vegetarian

With this stir-fried vermicelli with vegetarian meat and pepper cubes topped with black sesame seeds, you can eat it with a bowl of rice but we decided to just have the dish as is. We demolished it.

Changle Vegetarian

Gotta return and try other dishes. The restaurant is located upstairs in a building near the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay but it’s quite zen inside. At least that night we went there weren’t as many customers so it was relatively quiet.

Address: 7/F, L Square, 459-461 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay (Directions: 2 mins walk from Exit C, Causeway Bay MTR)

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