Stockholm: Nordic Organic Fast Food at Kalf & Hansen

Kalf & Hansen is an organic cafe that serves fresh seasonal food located on the corner of Maria Square 2 and Hornsgatan 33 in Stockholm. I get excited when I see “ekologisk” and “vegetariska” on its menu but it was closed when I passed by last summer and didn’t get to try. Very happy this time it’s open!

Kalf & Hansen

There’s a hipster vibe about Kalf & Hansen. Just look at their funky denim uniforms with bright checkered pockets.

Kalf & Hansen

On the right side of the cafe are elevated seats but they are narrow and looked precarious. I wanted to be comfortable (it would be embarrassing to roll down the steps what with my clumsy winter gear) and grabbed the spacious benches that were heated! with an awesome view of the counter. Meanwhile, my camera-shy friend ordered our lunch and is spotted in this pic paying at the counter.

Kalf & Hansen

Kalf and Hansen names its dishes based on different Nordic cities. Stockholm is vegetarian meatballs served with seasonal roots and veggies, sauce, and bread. Oslo is salad and meatballs. Helsinki is soup with bread and cheese. I ordered the Gothenberg – a flatbread roll with vegetarian meatballs and salad, which is filled with lots of raw cabbage and mustard dressing – you can choose from a variety of sauces. It’s like Tunnbrödsrulle, a typical streetfood in Sweden but the gourmet version served here!

Kalf & Hansen

To show you how cool this Nordic organic fast food restaurant is – check out their ceiling! The website says this is a locally run family biz by father Rune and son Fabian. I like their philosophy, which is to serve quality fast food made from scratch and using sustainable fair trade food, according to seasons. The restaurant is also designed – from its logo, music to packaging, to “radiate the joy of food”. Big thumbs up from foodie me.

Kalf & Hansen

The vegetarian meatballs otherwise locally known as köttbullar were really delicious and I enjoyed it a lot! I wasn’t used to the raw cabbage but they were definitely fresh and crunchy. While there are plenty of vegetarian options, it also serves meat and fish too so if you have carnivore friends, it would be win-win. Didn’t get to try this time but it has a good dessert selection – raw coconut balls etc.


Kalf & Hansen from the outside. This pic taken from my phone last summer. Support local!

Kalf & Hansen address: Mariatorget 2, 118 48 Stockholm, Sweden. (Nearest metro: 2 minutes walk from Mariatorget)

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