Falafelbaren: Best Falafel Wrap in Stockholm?

As a big fan of falafels, I was delighted to learn about Falafelbaren, a meditarranean vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Sweden. The cozy shop specializing in falafel wraps and salads is located along Hornsgatan in Mariatorget district.

Falafelbaren, Stockholm

With all the positive reviews posted outside the shop front claiming that it’s the best falafel you’ll find in Stockholm, (yes, yes, it’s all marketing and I should know better) but having travelled all the way from Asia, I just have to give it a try. Because it was busy lunch hours, the place was jam packed and I had to wait for 15 minutes before squashing myself in the corner seat eagerly awaiting for my pita wrap to arrive.

Falafelbaren, Stockholm

First you have to join the queue and place your order at the counter. You can choose to have your falafel with pita bread or salad and with sides. Because the menu on the wall was in Swedish and pressured by the long queue to order, I kept things simple and ordered the falafel pita wrap with creamy hummus, tomato, cucumber salad, tahini and pickles.

Falafelbaren, Stockholm

You don’t see many customers taking pictures of their food in the shop but I was happily snapping away with my Nikon camera and pink smartphone. Its good the locals left me alone as they were too busy with their lunch and catching up with friends.


Trying to take a gazillion pics before I demolished it…

Falafelbaren, Stockholm

The falafel pita wrap with hummus was delightful. Fresh and plump falafels, a far cry from the dry and oily ones I had in Asia. And the pita bread was warm and toasty, which was so satisfying as it was minus degrees outside as snow were melting and the road was slippery.

Falafelbaren, Stockholm

Falafelbaren from the outside. Step in to get your falafel fix…

Falafelbaren: 39, Hornsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden.

Falafelbaren website and it’s Facebook page here – both in Swedish only.

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