Central, HK: Kale Sliders, Shots and Salads

People in Hong Kong are probably more familiar with Kailan than Kale. But with all the health benefits that Kale boasts as a superfood, it’s quite clever and timely for Brian Chris, CEO and founder of Kale to open a Kale-themed cafe in Central.

Kale Hong Kong

First, a cup of Kale juice topped with mint leaves and a lovely view of the skyscrapers after work hours.

Kale Hong Kong

To be clear, Kale is not a 100% vegetarian eatery. However, it serves up two vegetarian options for sliders – falafel and thick slabs of tofu and your choice of buns – white sesame and black sesame bun with charcoal powder.

Kale Hong Kong

Drizzled in honey vanigrette, my pan-fried tofu slider came with kale pesto and a slice of tomato in charcoal bun. The charcoal bun has quite an interesting taste, more flavorful than the white sesame bun. I also liked the falafel, which is said to be pan-fried instead of deep-fried comprising chickpeas, coriander, walnuts, cummin and olive oil. And those sweet potato fries were heavenly! They are thick and wholesome and I felt so healthy chomping them as I’ve eaten sweet potato fries that were oily and scrawny. These ones at Kale are highly recommended!

Kale Hong Kong

Thanks to Chris, I got to try these kale shots. They’re strong but I’ll say it’s less potent than wheatgrass shots, which leave such a raw aftertaste in your mouth. And those kale biscotti was such a treat too.

Kale was relatively new when I went there in December. It has now added more salad options and I’m keen to go back to try them. All in all, I had a kaletastic evening.

Kale Hong Kong address: Rm 1301, Cheung’s Building, 1-3 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan. (Directions: Walking distance from Sheung Wan or Central MTR) 

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