Toronto: Yummy Chinese Food at King’s Cafe

Toronto has many delicious vegetarian restaurants. Cindy brought me to King’s Cafe in Kensington, a funky district in the city.

king's cafe spread

We shared a bento box okra curry that came with healthy red rice, vegetarian soy chicken nuggets and spring roll as well as fruit salad. Curry was mild but fresh and tasty.

King's cafe oyster

This is the restaurant’s version of crispy soy fritters or bite sized fried oysters. Yummy!

King's cafe, Miso Soup, Toronto

For starter, we shared a bowl of clear tofu miso soup.

King's cafe, Toronto

My cheery host smiling for the camera. Thanks for bringing me here, Cindy!

king's cafe sushi

Avocado temaki was delicious and filled with dried beancurd crisps. Check out the exquisite wasabi leaf on the left corner of the plate.

king's cafe overview

Portion was more than enough for both of us.

king's cafe

Our dinner spread that evening before I wandered around the Kensington hood to suss out the cool graffiti and shops.

King’s Cafe serves a variety of vegetarian Chinese and Japanese dishes with a small section in the restaurant that sells vegetarian sauces and meats.

King’s Cafe address: 192 Augusta Ave, Kensington Market/ Chinatown, Toronto, Canada. 

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