Montreal: Raw Pesto Lasagna at Crudessence

From Ottawa, we made our way by train to Montreal. After checking into the hotel, I was exploring the city and found this organic, vegan, living, raw restaurant.

Montreal - Crudessence

Crudessence from the outside with an alfresco corner, great place to chill in summer. Makes me feel like I’m back in Europe.

Montreal - Crudessence

Grabbed a seat for one and was served this bottle of mint and chlorophyll. I like how the green liquid fuses with the water and it was subtle for the palette.

Montreal - Crudessence

I’m a big fan of manifestos because that means it’s not just another restaurant but one that stands for something. At Crudessence, it wants to change society’s perception of food and value it as the key to individual health and well being as well as a vital connection to all life.

Montreal - Crudessence

This is how Raw Pesto Lasagna looks like. Zuchinni slices layered with macadamia nut ricotta, fresh tomato, spinach, pitachio pesto, and Brazil nuts. Lasagna tends to be heavy as a meal but this raw version is so delicious and flavors are so refreshing. The kale ceasar salad was a treat too and I cleaned the plate!

Montreal - Crudessence

Crudessence from the inside with a funky bar counter. I finished my very satisfying healthy raw meal with a pour over coffee.

Montreal - Crudessence

You can get your vegan supplies or grab a takeaway juice or salad box near the entrance of the restaurant.

I truly enjoyed my afternoon chilling at Crudessence. The staff was friendly and helpful and the menu has such a wide variety of options for raw living foods wish I have more time to try other dishes.

Crudessence address: 2157, rue Mackay, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 2J2 T: 514 664 5188.

Check out it’s website lots of information including recipes and an online store – Crudessence.

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