Victoria, BC: Eat Bliss, Live Joy at Cafe Bliss

Disappointed I couldn’t get a tour that takes me directly to Tofino, I decided to make my own way there stopping over Victoria for the evening from Vancouver. Walking along Pandora Ave en route to my hostel and guided by serendipity, I was super excited to find Cafe Bliss and decided to check it out.

Bliss Cafe Interior

Perched myself at the bar counter to absorb in the positive vibes emanating from Bliss cafe – You are loved. Eat Bliss. Live Joy, what more do I need?

Bliss Cafe

Feeling a bit lost as I embarked on my backpacking trip across Canada for 6 weeks at the time. You can’t imagine how inspired I was by this message from Joseph Campbell to follow my bliss and not be afraid. It’s shouting to me to follow my heart and trust that the universe will take care and guide me to my higher good.

Bliss Cafe 2

Cafe Bliss is a raw and live food juice bar that sell superfood smoothies, raw chocolate, salads, and desserts. Its ingredients are said to be locally sourced from BC farmers or ethical fair trade suppliers. Tempted to get a juice but settled for the medicinal chai tea, which contains reishi, cat’s claw, pau d’arco, goji and herbal warming spices. Doesn’t taste like your typical chai tea, not bad but could have been better if it was hotter. I also ordered a raw chocolate ball as a snack.

Bliss Cafe Vic

This is how the counter looks like. Check out all the amazing raw treats!

Bliss Victoria

Spent more than 10 minutes poring at the menu, they all sound so yummylicious!

Bliss Cafe Victoria

Cafe Bliss is so funky that even the seats are decorated with inspiring words and beautiful angel wings. What I really liked was how Heather, the owner started this cafe. She shares her story that was pinned on the wall about following her bliss and empowering people that they are in control of their own health by what they choose to eat.

Definition of Bliss (Oxford dictionary):

  1. Perfect happiness; great joy.
  2. A state of spiritual blessedness.

I really enjoy the vibe in Cafe Bliss and love Heather’s story about following our bliss. Now I just need to find my bliss…

Cafe Bliss Organic Live Juice Bar: 556 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada. 

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