Krakow: Cabbage Steaks at Green Day

It was an adventure to take the overnight train from Prague to Krakow as I thought I could show the train captain the ticket from my Kindle. Had a rude shock to find out I need a paper ticket to get on board. Rushed to the information counter, logged into my gmail account using a European keyboard, got it printed and rushed back to the train five minutes before it was due to depart, all the running and panicking while lugging my 56-litre backpack. So when I arrived, bleary eyed at 6am in Krakow, I was excited to hit the streets and checked into my hostel. It was a bit of a walk, got lost (yes even with a map) and then chanced upon Green Day.

Green Day, Krakow

I returned to Green Day the following day. This is how it looks once you walk inside. Read off the menu from the wall (this time I could eat everything!) and order at the counter. I find it interesting that their juices were all ready made as i thought it would be fresher if they were squeezed on the spot.


Tada – my din din for the evening. Cabbage steak with buckwheat and salad, which includes carrot, beetroot shreds, and more cabbage. And a blackberry cocktail – non-alcoholic, just a fancy name for blackberry smoothie. Green Day has 2 storeys. Because I wanted to sit by the window and people watch while enjoying my dinner, I decided to go upstairs. As you can see from the decor, I love the massive artichokes. So simple and eye-catching.

Green Day, Krakow

A close up of my meal. It’s healthy yummy apart from the cabbage steak, which was deep fried and sinfully tasty. I like my salad too, it was fresh, simple, and filling.


This is how Green Day looks on the ground floor, very cozy and welcoming.


Entrance to Green Day. I noticed “Bar Wegetarianski” and knew this is one place I must visit as it shouts out to me that it’s vegetarian! No regrets eating there.

Green Day’s website only in Polish: Mikolajska 14, Krakow Poland (In Rynek Glowny Market Square, east of St. Mary’s Church in old town)

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