Krakow: Soaking in Main Square with Pierogis

It’s Sunday and what better way to see Krakow, Poland than to hit its Main Square (Rynek Główny) and catch the buzz at the weekend market in Old Town.

krakow main square

I’ve been recommended by my Polish friend to try Pierogi when in Krakow. To be honest, they look quite similar to the Chinese dumplings I always eat but the dough or skin of the pierogi tastes different, more doughy.

krakow pierogi

I was glad that the shop allowed me to choose a variety of pierogis. I chose the strawberry, spinach and sweet cheese, and mushroom and cheese. I preferred the savoury pierogis better than the strawberry ones, perhaps because I’m used to savoury dumplings in Chinese cuisines. As they say old habits die hard.

krakow main square

Gingerbread is big in Europe or maybe I just don’t see much of them in Asia. This stand certainly attracted lots of kids as they eagerly await for the gingerbreads in different shapes and sizes to be dolled up.

krakow main square

Look at how pretty they look! I can’t imagine eating them. Maybe they’re not meant to be in your tummy…

krakow main square

Spotted another snack stand and anything that has nutella would taste delish! However, I wasn’t hungry so didn’t give it a try.

krakow main square

These wooden cooking spoons are so pretty! Wish I could bring all of them home. The smiley and heart shaped ones especially. In the end, I took the pragmatic option and got myself a normal wooden spoon. Boring I know!

krakow main square

To provide perspective, this porcelain tea pot was huge, don’t think I could even carry it across the square. I could see myself coming here every weekend and collecting piece by piece if I ever stay in Krakow.

Krakow Main Square

Can you spot the mystical dragon among the colorful magnets? I’ve read and watched a lot of TV about fire-breathing dragons but to actually see one in Krakow – the statue at the foot of the castle, was pretty mind blowing.


If you’re tired feeding yourself at the Main Square, then go ahead, get some bread and feed the pigeons.

krakow main square

And some Polish cultural entertainment available too.

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