Prague: Czech Vegan Food @ Lo Veg

You would think it’ll be tough to find vegetarian let alone vegan food in Czech Republic so I was pleasantly surprised to spot Lo Veg on the way to the Prague Castle.
Determined to try this restaurant after our visit to the castle, we arrived back at the entrance to check out the menu. Quite an international offering from thai coconut curry rice, nasi goreng, to goulash, a Hungarian soup stew.

As we climbed up the narrow flight of stairs to the second floor, a zen Buddha statue greeted us. We were led to a cozy corner of the restaurant with windows overlooking the Hradčany area/ Castle district. Brilliant!

Feeling adventurous, we ordered some local dishes. A vegan sirloin with vegan rice cream and Argentinian “chimichurri”.

I was excited to try this vegan sirloin hidden under a generous serving of the traditional Czech sauce, which is made of marinated root vegetables topped with vegan rice cream and cranberries. Because I didn’t know what to expect, I was quite satisfied with the “meat”/ sirloin smothered in thick sauce. In Prague, when they say dumplings (these ones are home-made) they actually look like bread and surprisingly tasty. I savored every bite of the dumplings making sure I soaked every bit of it in the yummy Czech sauce.

I was looking forward to the home made french fries for this Argentinian Chimichurri dish and can’t help feeling a little disappointed they served it with white rice. With a fancy name like that, I was expecting more and as you can see from the picture above, it’s grilled seitan and lots of carrots stir fried in mild spicy sauce with herbs and wine vinegar. It was okay. I was famished so we cleaned our plates.

Before our mains were served, I ordered a coffee in Vienna style, which means coffee topped with rice cream. Quite fancy, I liked it, plus it kept me awake!

The restaurant quickly filled up with customers as we waited for our lunch to arrive. Overall the atmosphere of Lo Veg was cozy and relaxing and I was able to observe the staff across me from the bar serving drinks. When we finally asked for the bill, it came in a mini chest where we put in our Czech crowns before continuing our sightseeing.

Lo Veg: Nerudova 36, 118 00 Praha 1 – Malá strana, Czech Republic. 

Opens everyday from 11.30 to 22:00. 

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