Prague: Secret of Raw for Raw Foodies

The raw food movement seems to be quite vibrant in Prague. And the Secret of Raw was in my list of to-visit vegan restaurants in the city.


So delighted to walk pass this raw food restaurant located along the main road of Seifertova in the Praha 3 district.


Yup I was given the english menu. A good dilemma since there are so many choices and I want to try everything!


For starter: Sun-dried tomatoes roll filled with veggies and cream. The dehydrated sun-dried tomato cracker is crunchy and covered with sunflower seeds and black sesame with italian spices. It goes well with the refreshing cucumber and carrot cubes that are mixed in creamy cashew sauce.


Salad: We ordered the Mexico city salad with chilli sauce and raw tacos. As a massive fan of avocados, I was delighted by the generous chunks served. Expecting the raw tacos wrapping the salad but they were the mini crackers on the left hand side of the plate. I enjoyed the nutty brown crusty toppings that were made of crushed walnuts and almonds. Rest of salad includes leafy salad mix and cucumber cubes etc. That thousand island sauce gave a zesty zing to the salad.


Main: Original sun burger with raw fries and cashew tartar sauce. As a burger fan, I was really looking forward to trying my first raw burger but was a tad bit disappointed by how incredibly healthy this dish was. Apparently those fries were made of white beetroot but it was so hard and raw I didn’t enjoy them so much. The burger was also underwhelming as it was a few pieces of lettuce and a slice of daikon/ radish. The only redeeming factor was the creamy and tasty cashew tartar sauce.


The inside of Secret of Raw was comfy and welcoming, decorated with beautiful scenic paintings.


Don’t miss this shelf near the entrance of Secret of Raw. I took a good 10 minutes checking out all the cool items available before tearing myself away to pay the bill at the counter.


The friendly staff at Secret of Raw. Trust me she’s just concentrating not grumpy!


One more picture of the cozy interior. If I visit again, would totally give the desserts a try and definitely bring a friend along to raw and chill.

Secret of Raw: Seifertova 13, 130 00 Praha 3. It has a Facebook page too. 

See picture below for directions:


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