Laibon: Czesky Krumlov’s Only Veggie Restaurant

Czesky Krumlov is a small city, 2.5 hours bus ride, south of Prague. The UNESCO world heritage site is known for its historic castle and the view is short of spectacular. We found the one and only vegetarian restaurant in this beautiful town – Laibon and decided to have our lunch and dinner there as we only had one full day in CK.


Lunch: Fresh guacamole topped with tomatoes and rocket lettuce, served with pita bread.

Laibon soup

That’s me in the picture, soaking in the scenic view as tourists canoed along the river with the castle towering opposite us. I was famished so food was top of mind. The refreshing guacamole perked me up, so did the ginger lemonade.


We also ordered red lentil soup with nutmeg that comes with a dash of cream on top. It was tasty and filling.


Dinner: We ordered a macrobiotic plate – written Zeměklíč in Czech on the menu. It was a big plate for an Asian tummy. Zeměklíč comprised of tempeh and tofu slices, buckwheat, boiled and fresh vegetables, sauerkraut, and a small cup of tamari to give the food more flavor. Definitely a plus if you are into eating clean or on a macrobiotic diet.


This dish is called Bryndzové Halušky, a traditional Central European dish with bryndza or sheep cheese. It originates from Slovakia, which is made of potato dumplings similar to a potato gnocchi texture. My first time trying it, a rather rich flavor because of the goat cheese but it’s not too overwhelming. Complemented well with the other simple macrobiotic dish.


We were delighted to have this walnut cake on the house! Nom nom nom.


If you’re in Czesky Krumlov, there’s only one vegetarian restaurant in the old town. It’s on 105 Parkan street just before you cross the bridge to head over to the castle.


Entrance to Laibon: if it’s good weather, make sure you sit by the river, on the rustic wooden chairs and table to enjoy the scenic view outside. The restaurant dates back to 1585 and was built around the former fortification wall. Close to 430 years of history! Its inhabitants included Florian Felisides, Jiri Mikes, brewmaster Jakub Schwarz, the butcher Vaclav Klamfel and the Hausler family that inhabited the house until the 19th century.


Oops, probably a bit tiny to read off the menu from this picture, taken right outside the restaurant. You can read what’s available on its website.


Check out those white umbrellas, that’s Laibon from the opposite side. If you’re vegetarian, strongly recommend you visit Laibon for a gastronomic experience.

czesky krumlov

And this is how breathtaking Czesky Krumlov looks.

Laibon: Parkán 105, 381 01 Český Krumlov

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