Prague: Maitrea Vegetarian Brings a Touch of Zen

A 10-minute stroll from Prague’s old town square, you’ll find Maitrea vegetarian restaurant hidden in the corner street.


The restaurant is said to be situated in a unique Fengshui environment near Prague’s old town square where several important energy lines converge. Here’s how it looks from the outside, which is located beside a meditation center. I wonder if Maitrea was named after the laughing Buddha with big belly.


For din din, we decided to go for a warm spinach omelet stuffed with puree, which was made of baked eggplant and herbs,  and tomato sauce as starter. The sun-dried tomato pesto served on the side provided a flavorful kick to our palates. Very yummy!


Maitrea also offered a number of raw dishes. We wanted to be adventurous and ordered the spinach raw soup. Again, it didn’t disappoint – tasty for something so green and healthy.


Here’s an overview of our dinner served in candlelight at the basement of Maitrea.  Although it was crowded, the waitress that served us was friendly and attentive.


For our main, we ordered the Paella a la Barcelona. A spanish rice dish stir fried with sun-dried tomatoes, champignons, shitake mushrooms, vegetarian chicken, sprinkled with parmesan cheese on the top. Not bad.


We completed our meal with a raw chocolate cake dessert that was decorated with a hint of strawberry, mint leaves, and fig sauce. The bottom layer is made of coconut. It was ok.

This is how Maitrea looks when you walk into the restaurant. A food bar counter that serves freshly squeezed juices and non-alcoholic cocktails with guarana.

Overall I had a good experience here. If I visit again, I would want to give a couple of dishes a try such as the green leafy salad with parmesan crusted tempeh nuggets and guacamole, quesadilla with tomatoes, fresh spinach, olives, and feta cheese or red beet tartare with goat cheese and bread.

Vegans will be pleased to know that the smoke free diner is also vegan-friendly.

Maitrea address: Týnská ulička (not ulice) 6, Praha 1, Czech Republic.
Tel: +420 221 711 631
Opens Monday to Friday – 11:30am – 23:30.
Weekends: 12:00 – 23:30.

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