Karma Waters @ Hoi An: Pho-licious

Hoi An is a cute little town in Vietnam, 45 minutes drive from Danang. Once we arrived, we decided to swing by Karma Waters for lunch.

karma waters

The restaurant is along the main road, so it’s easy to spot with menu on the blackboard.

traditional pho

I had to order pho because it’s my favorite Vietnamese dish and it’s not easy to find vegan versions in normal restaurants. And it was pho-licious! Because it was so tasty, I persuaded my traveling companion to take the cooking class with me.

pho ingredients

We returned the next morning and chose 3 dishes we wanted to learn. Pho being one of them. Above the ingredients you need: Carrot, Shitake Mushroom, Straw Mushrooms, Beansprouts, Ginger, and 1 slice of tofu. Cut them up.


First you need to soak the pho noodles in water for 5 minutes. Then soak bean sprouts in hot water and leave in bottom of the bowl. Cook pho for a few minutes and add in the bowl. You can add a few slices of vegetarian ham or beef depending on your preference.

Next heat the oil and add the dried spices – secret ingredients that make pho so tasty – anise, cinnamon, cardamon etc, then stir fry vegetables before adding one cup of water and season the soup with salt, vegetable stock, and black pepper. Pour the soup over pho noodles and serve immediately. Noodles soaked up the soup quickly, so make sure to consume asap.


Don’t forget to serve pho noodles with a few wedges of green lime, red chili and fresh thai basil.

Karma Waters: 213 Nguyen Duy Hieu

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