Hoi An Karma Waters – Tofu & Mushroom Patties

mushroom and tofu patties

I usually buy processed burger patties so wanted to learn how to make my own. These tofu and mushroom patties are yummy! This is the second dish, following the vegan pho that we learn after enrolling for the Karma Waters cooking class.

mushroom and tofu ingredients

Basically, you need 2 slabs of tofu and a few pieces of jews ear. I omitted the spring onion since I don’t eat them.

chopping ingredients

My friend Audrey looking very serious, chopping the ingredients. And me (not in picture) furiously taking notes.

patties in the making

Squash tofu with chopped jews ear. Then add a pinch of salt, vegetable stock, and black pepper. Finally  2 table spoons of wheat flour.

tofu mushroom preparation

To get the desired shape, use a bottle cap and scoop the tofu mix into it.

patty deep fry

Deep fry.



group pic

Our lovely instructor Nguyen, me (I was really there!) and my traveling companion, Audrey and our massive spread!

Karma Waters, Hoi An: 213 Nguyen Duy Hieu. Opens Monday to Sunday: 10 am to 8.30pm. 

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