Quarry Bay: Kam Heung Vegetarian

It’s not easy to find an authentic vegetarian restaurant in Quarry Bay although many shops in the area offer at least one or two veggie options, so you won’t go hungry.

I usually go to Kam Heung, a Hong Kong-style veggie eatery, once a week for lunch since it has wide variety, economical, and less than 10 minutes from my office.

If you decide to eat at the stall, you can have unlimited bowls of soup, soy milk, rice or noodles and can choose 3 veggie dishes for the set lunch.

Otherwise, you can take away, which comes with a bowl of canton-style soup.


Alternatively, you can also order from a menu that lets you choose from stir-fried noodles and fried rice. I prefer wok-fried meals as it’s sizzling hot and also comes with a bowl of soup if you take away for around $42, portion is big but it’s always so tasty I usually finish every morsel of it.


Above: wok-fried veggie duck spaghetti noodles cooked in delicious soya sauce.


Sesame veggie chicken, just as yummy.


Fried rice is good too and you can choose from a couple of options from salted fish to the one above that’s fried in toona sauce. The wok-hey makes these dishes so delicious and satisfying for a lunch option.

Address: Shop D10 and D11, 18 Hoi Tai Street, Quarry Bay. (Directions: 5 mins walk from Quarry Bay MTR exit A. Walk towards HSBC and look for 7-Eleven across Taikoo Place then walk in the narrow alley and you’ll find it.)

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