SF Eats: Minako Organic Japanese Restaurant

I made a new vegan friend while at work in San Francisco and her name is Tory Hernandez. We decided to check out Minako in the Mission that evening.

Minako Menu

While Minako is not exactly 100% vegan, it also serves seafood. There’s ample options for vegans and vegetarians. In addition to the normal menu, here’s a cute handwritten board with other special dishes we could order for the night.


My new friend Tory, sipping her miso soup and smiling for the camera. Minako, the friendly owner of the restaurant was talking to other customers in the background – she’s the Japanese lady in black long sleeves and grey skirt.

Minako Close up of Eel

Close up of the vegan eel teriyaki. I’m used to eating veggie eel made with tofu protein in Hong Kong so I really enjoyed this one, that’s made with real ingredients – potato and soy with a layer of seaweed on top.

Minako Eel

The tasty vegan eel was served with crunchy long beans and tomatoes. And I really liked the teriyaki sauce, which is a bit thicker and sweeter than normal soy sauce.

Minako Avocado and Mushroom Sushi

The restaurant uses brown rice for the sushi and you could taste they used fresh ingredients for this shitake and avocado roll.

Minako Tempura Sushi

There was such a wide selection we could choose from and finally agreed to try the vegan tempura maki, basically fried veggie batter like pumpkin etc wrapped in sushi. It was yummy and something I wouldn’t easily find in Asia.

Minako Lotus Root Dumpling Soup

This Renkon Soup – lotus root dumpling was one of the specials from that colorful menu. It was tasty and again something new for me.

Towards the end of our meal, Minako came over and chatted with us. I enjoyed the cozy environment as well as the company of my new vegan friend. I would totally recommend this restaurant to friends and vegan peeps.

Minako Organic Japanese Restaurant: 2154 Mission Street, San Francisco 

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