SF Eats: Chipotle’s Sofritas – Life is Burritoful

Chipotle is worth a mention as the restaurant chain – at least the one in San Francisco – serves Sofritas.

Sofritas @Chipotle SF

When I asked for sofritas in my burrito, the server actually gave me a tiny cup to sample as he warned me it was going to be spicy. It was a little spicy and chewy, which was good for me as I love spicy food.

Chipotle Sofritas Burrito

Ordering a burrito in Chipotle is an experience in itself as you can choose whether you want it as a burrito, with tacos, or in a bowl. You could also choose the white/ brown rice wrap and make sure you order the veggie beans. I also asked for sour cream, peppers, salsa, corn, and added guacamole in mine. As you can see, it was a massive burrito before my red-eye flight back that would take 15 hours to Hong Kong.

Unwrapping Chipotle SF Burrito

Unwrapping my sofritas burrito…

Chipotle SF

There was a steady flow of customers as I people watched, savoring my gigantic burrito and last meal in SF.

Chipotle SF

When I returned to HK, Chipotle did an interesting video ad: The Scarecrow

Even though Chipotle serves meat, I like that the fast food chain emphasizes serving “food with integrity”.

I went to this Chipotle: 121 4th Street – 2 blocks from Moscone Center in San Francisco, U.S.A. 

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