SF Eats: Loving Hut at Westfield Shopping Center

One of my favorite and most convenient go to place for vegan food in San Francisco is at Loving Hut in Westfield Shopping Center. It’s located inside the food emporium and has wifi here.

Loving Hut

I’m quite skeptical of kale drinks but this juice was actually tasty without feeling too raw. Promoted as the new kale drink, it contains orange juice, ginger, and dates too.

I was also craving for pho noodle soup and the menu claims it’s the most popular rice noodle soup here. A bowlful of tofu, bean sprouts, basil and vegetarian beef slices, which is made of soy protein. The beef slices was kind of chewy and taste okay. If you’re not fussy and looking for quick vegan options, Loving Hut is a good place to go to.

Loving Hut: Westfield San Francisco Center, 845 Market Street at the basement where the food emporium is. 

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