SF Eats: Nirvana at Ananda Fuara

Right! I had the Nirvana Tea at Ananda Fuara, clearly labeled as a vegetarian restaurant outside its shop. The Nirvana tea is a blend of mint, sassafras, gotu kola, anise seed, and valerian said to relax and calm your body as I wind myself down from the jet lag.

Ananda Tea

Served in a very oriental clay teapot and I can’t remember how many cups of Nirvana I had. I like tea that has a hint of mint in it and this didn’t disappoint, with a burst of flavors.

Ananda set

After going through the expansive menu – salads, burgers, and wraps for 15 minutes, I finally decided on the Chicken Pesto Wrap.

Ananda wrap

Inside the yellow chipotle tortilla wrap, it’s filled with generous chunks of vegetarian chicken made of soy meat, which has a meaty chewy texture blended with homemade pesto, melted mozzarella cheese, fresh spinach and tomatoes. I was glad they warmed up the wrap, made all the difference. The wrap is huge – I guess American size? complemented with fresh salad that includes raw beetroot and carrot slices in a tangy dijon vinaigrette sauce.

Ananda Inside

Seated at the back of the shop, I could people watch. The counter with cakes and cashier is on my right. There’s also a book section in the corner.

Ananda Fuara, which means “Fountain of Delight” is inspired by Sri Chinmoy, a peace and spiritual leader.

Service was pretty good and I would like to go back and try more dishes, preferably with a friend next time as portions are big!

Ananda Fuara: 1298 Market St in Civic Center, San Francisco. Detailed directions on their website.

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