Bangkok Eats: Khun Churn Vegetarian @ Sukhumvit 42

If you’re looking for a variety of healthy vegan or vegetarian food, Khun Churn is definitely worth a trip in Bangkok.
Khun Churn

For starters, we ordered the Po Piah Sod Khun Churn. I guess it means Khun Churn’s signature spring rolls served with fresh cut chili and soya sauce. As I’m used to deep fried spring rolls, this cold appetizer wrapped in lettuce, tofu, cucumber, and soy meat was refreshing and tasty.

Khun Churn

We decided to try the Yum Thum Lueng salad, which contains boiled Ivy gourd vegetables, oyster mushrooms, carrot, lime juice, and thai chili generously sprinkled with sesame seeds. Pleasantly surprised to try a more authentic Thai-style salad than the typical papaya ones. Good.

Khun Churn

Again we tried to be adventurous and ordered the Gaeng Som Cha Om Kai. A delicious sweet and sour soup filled with acacia omelette, carrot, long bean, white radish, straw and oyster mushrooms and lime juice. It was so tasty I finished most of it.

Khun Churn

Growing up in Singapore, vegetarian oyster omelette was one of my favorite dishes. So when I saw Or Suan at Khun Churn, I was very excited! Since it was served in a clay hot plate, eat it while it’s hot although I recommend to share if you’re in a group as the portion is quite big and fills up easily. Basically, this is Chinese style stir fried mushroom, egg, and bean sprouts omelette.

Khun Churn

Comfy sofa seats and spacious restaurant located at the basement of a residential building next to Ekamai BTS station Exit 2.

Khun Churn Vegetarian @ Sukhumvit 42: G Floor of Bangkok Mediplex Building at Sukumvit 42.

Tel: +66 2 713 6599

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