Vege Zen in Guangzhou China

While visiting the Temple of Six Banyan Trees in Guangzhou, we were recommended by the locals to try Vege Zen, a famous vegetarian restaurant in the district.

After a bit of navigation along streets that sell Buddhist related items, we finally found a small alleyway with a big vegetarian sign indicating we’ve arrived at Vege Zen!

Here we ordered the deep fried bean curd and tomato on sizzling hotpot. You can still see the gravy bubbling in the picture. It was hot (temperature) and thick slabs of tofu were delicious and soft inside.

Vege Zen beancurd roll

Starter dish – beancurd wrapped rolls are filled with radish and carrot slices – deep fried but tasty. Only managed to eat a few pieces as one of my travel companions was gobbling most of them.

Vege Zen mala fish hotpot

The Mala Spicy Fish hotpot was the highlight of our lunch. It’s filled with chili-infused cabbage and straw mushrooms as well as vegetarian soy fish with seaweed on the edges to give it a ‘fishy’ taste. Made my friend ‘cried’ eating this – in a good way of course. I absolutely love it! If you eat spicy, must order.

Vege Zen - eggplant and long bean

Stir fried eggplant, long bean, and peppers dish was good but a little bit oily to my liking. Still it’s great if you eat it with white rice.

Overall the food at Vege Zen was above my expectations and always trust the local’s recommendations. We were lucky to arrive 15 minutes before they closed their orders for the afternoon. The restaurant was buzzing with customers when we arrived and it was a clean and spacious environment for eating. Food came quickly and service was okay.

Vege Zen: Address – Jing Hui Lu 42, Guangzhou, China (in Yuexiu district just beside GuangXiaoSi Temple)

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