Vegan Fare at Loving Hut Wanchai

Loving Hut is well known for its vegan restaurants around the world. In Hong Kong, its Wanchai branch reopened a few months ago, which serves delicious lunch sets at a reasonable price around HK$50++. Open for dinner too if you want to visit in the evenings.

Here’s a typical stir fried noodle lunch set that comes with a bowl of soup as well as an assortment of green vegetables. I particularly like the way they fry their food here as it has wok hei, something I couldn’t do at home as my stove is not as powerful.

pork cutlet curry set

This is how a typical rice set looks like. Above Japanese style curry with veggie cutlet and red yeast rice.


I strongly recommend the char siew (BBQ pork) rice set. It’s made of gluten. Delicious and meaty in texture.

loving hut noodles

Taiwanese style Ja Jiang Mien (noodles). A refreshing dish suitable for summer.

sin chow chow mien

Only in Hong Kong will you find Singapore stir fry vermicelli (Sing Zhou Chow Mien). It’s fried with curry powder might be a little spicy for the local palate. As a native Singaporean, I didn’t find it spicy at all. Don’t think I can find this dish in my home town either.

vegan egg tart

Still have room for dessert? Try their vegan egg tarts. It has a crispy crust that melts in your mouth and the filling is yummy when served warm.

The menu for Loving Hut is displayed on the wall, similar to the local Cafe De Coral outlets. Order your meal at the counter, pay and get a receipt with your number, then go to the serving counter and pass your receipt to the staff, wait for your number to be called. Make sure to find a seat first.

Meanwhile, admire the head shots of famous vegetarians on their wall or watch the educational video screens (I personally don’t find them too interesting).

Loving Hut  Wanchai Branch address: 93- 55 Wan Chai Road, 2 Floor, Luen Tai Building. (Directions: Get out of Wanchai MTR Exit A3 or the tram stops near the junction of Johnston and Fleming Rd) 

Open from 11am to 9pm.

As the shop mantra goes, “Be Vegan, Make Peace”.

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