Dim Sum Delight at Pure Veggie House

When it comes to dim sum, Pure Veggie House serves up really delicious dishes and good place to hang out with friends.

If you’re into truffles, make sure to order this basket of steamed truffle dumplings. And more recommendations next…

flat rice roll wrapped in spring roll

For adventurous foodies, I recommend you get these pink flat rice rolls wrapped in crispy spring rolls. Eat them while it’s served sizzling hot, you will savor every bite.

red chilli wonton

If you like your food spicy, this red chilli wanton dish is for you. The wanton skin is silky soft and I like to soak all the sauce in before popping them one by one into my mouth.

siew mai

This is by far the healthiest looking siew mai I’ve come across at local restaurants. Kudos to the exquisite presentation. Tastes not bad too.

dan dan noodles

There are a few places that do dan dan noodles well and Pure Veggie is one of them.

hokkien rice

As a Singaporean, I’ve grown up eating Hokkien noodles but only when I come to Hong Kong do I realize there’s also Hokkien rice. I wonder if this is authentic? But it sure tastes yummy.

Signature Char Siew Buns

Dim sum is not complete without buns. Get their signature ones. It’s actually char siew buns topped with a crispy layer of sweet crust. Satisfying to the palette.

radish pastry

While it is common to find radish pastry even at non-veggie yum cha eateries, the ones here are fresh, crispy, and tasty. My all time favorite.

Interior of Pure Veggie House

Ta-da! A glimpse of how it looks inside. Definitely a good place to impress your carnivore friends as well.

Pure Veggie House – Address: 3/F, Coda Plaza, 51 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong (Directions: It’s not very accessible by public transport, so I typically grab a cab from Admiralty, which is a 5-min ride up to Mid Levels) 

Tel: 25250552

To ensure seats, call to make reservations.

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