Vegelink Private Kitchen in North Point

Vegelink is another highly recommended veggie private kitchen in Hong Kong. I’ve been here the third time now, and it’s always been a memorable and delicious affair every time.

We started with this chef’s assorted platter, which not only looks visually appetizing but tastes good too. Click more to find out the 10 other dishes we had during dinner at Vegelink.

bean curd roll with veggie shreds

Beancurd roll with veggie shreds and cordia tree seed. I love beancurd and so this dish was one of my favorites. Plus it’s my first time trying the cordia tree seed, which bursts in your mouth with a tangy feel when you bite into it.

veggie shreds soup

This vegetarian shreds soup is ok, tastes like typical soup served in traditional Chinese restaurants.

royal sushi

Royal Sushi is filled with vegetarian fish slices and cucumber drizzled with mayo and sesame. Not many veggie restaurants can make good sushi, but this one is really delicious, so I gobbled a couple of them that evening.

delighted dumplings

Delighted dumplings as they are called. Not bad.

yam tempura

These Chinese Yam Tempura is tasty and those crispy white noodles are crunchy and addictive too. Another thumbs up.

stir fried veggie chicken slices with zuchinni

Stir fried veggie chicken slices with zuchinni. A colorful dish topped with red and yellow peppers. This dish has wok-hei, meaning it’s stir fried well – chinese style.

whole pumpkin baked with coconut milk and cheese

A fusion dish – whole pumpkin baked with coconut milk and cheese topped with almonds. Everyone attacked the filling instead of the pumpkin meat. We would be served mini pumpkins if there were around 4-5 people, which looks really cute. But we had 11 on the table, so we had 2 gigantic pumpkins.

Steamed rice with veggie dices

Steamed rice with veggie dices in Sicilian style – how is it Sicilian done, I’m not sure but it tasted healthy.

Apple Crumble

These apple crumbles are delicious and gives a sweet kick at the end of the massive meal. Must try!

Dessert of the day

And a mini almond custard topped with mango cubes to end the course.

For $198 per person, it’s very worth your money especially since it’s located in a cozy setting where you can enjoy your dishes and catch up with friends.

Vegelink also houses a mini supermarket where you can stock up on vegetarian tidbits, frozen veggie meats, condiments etc.

Vegelink has a very active Facebook page too. Address: Shop 108, 1/F, Foo Yet Kall Building, 56 Java Road, North Point. (Get out of North Point MTR Exit A1 and walk for 5 minutes along Java Road, you’ll see a kindergarten, just go up one floor.) 

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  1. Just had a look through your blog, it’s interesting to read a food blog in HK which is focused purely on vegetarian food! The Chinese Yam Tempura looked pretty good.. 🙂

  2. This place was very poor. Not a good choice for a visitor. Service was good but he food was odd. Not a good dinner for the tourist in HK.

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