Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery

Apart from the famous Big Buddha in Hong Kong, if you’re looking for delicious and affordable vegetarian feast, head over to Tuen Mun and check out the Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery (妙法寺).

Miu Fat Monastery Food

Using really simple ingredients, the cooks made these dishes taste so good. We started with fruit salad topped with crispy flour, followed by dishes after dishes of delicious vegetables. And this is not all, we also had 5 other dishes at Miu Fat Monastery…

So to continue, I really like the classic beancurd slices topped with minced ginger. It’s so tasty and so is the Lo Hon Zhai dish on the bottom right corner of the picture set. As a long time vegetarian, I grow up eating Lo Hon Zhai dish and have become really good at sussing out if it’s good or not. This was definitely stellar.

Miu Fat Monastery Food 2

And ta-da! Here’s the five other dishes we had. Stir fry melon, deep fried spring roll, taro fish, sweet and sour gluten meat and lotus root stir fry with jews ear. Yes, there are deep-fried dishes but it’s all part of the experience. There were so many varieties to try you wouldn’t be worrying too much about it not been ‘healthy’. Because there were 10 of us on one table, you literally have to compete for the dishes and that’s what made it so fun. For Hk$80, it’s very reasonably priced and the dining hall was spacious. If you want to try more dishes, make sure you gather at least 6 friends along.

Miu Fat Monastery Scenery

Buddhist devotees would visit the temple then eat, but for some of us, the food was definitely a highlight at the monastery. Before you leave though, remember to soak in the zen atmosphere and walk around the temple premises after your hearty meal.

Miu Fat Monastery – Address: 18 Castle Peak Road, Lam Tei, Tuen Mun

(Suggestion: Take the train to Siu Hong station, then take LRT route No. 610, 614 or 615 and alight at Lam Tei Stop. Walk 5- 10 minutes to temple.)

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