SF Veggie Eats II: Herbivore, Source, and Creme Brulee Stand

In part 2 of my San Francisco veggie series, I’m going to introduce the French Creme Brulee truck recommended by my American friend, Caitie.

French Creme Brulee stand

Click more as I feature vegan restaurants Herbivore and Source.

Creme Brulee in the making

There were other desserts at the cart but I made the right choice choosing Creme Brulee as seeing the chef ‘spray fire’ to create the top layer of caramel was an experience in itself. You can’t expect it to be of the same quality as those served in fancy restaurants but for the price and the cart experience, I’ll say it’s a must try in SF.



Thanks to Andy, I finally get to try Herbivore. For main, we ordered his favorite dish – Lentil Loaf. It looks to me like a lentil patty served with mashed potatoes and mushroom with lots of sauteed green leafy vegetables, and crostini. We could choose between the roasted red beet sauce and tomato-sesame salsa. Opted for the first one. I like the lentil patty and mashed potato but if I return, would want to try something else.

Herbivore Salad

This is the side salad served with the main. I have to say it’s a large portion for side, but it must be American serving.

Herbivore Noodles

Although my friend was hesitant about ordering an Asian dish in SF, I managed to convince him to get the spicy rice noodles. Sauteed in ginger-lemongrass tomato based sauce mixed with tofu, red bell peppers, bean sprouts, cilantro and crushed peanuts, it didn’t disappoint. I wonder if it’s a fusion dish created by Herbivore or inspired by some Viet influence. Nonetheless, I was satisfied.

Herbivore tofu dip

For starters, we ordered a creamy oregano-thyme tofu dip served with crostini. I didn’t really taste the tofu but loved the creamy texture, which went well with the bread. We could only finish half of it and Andy had to pack home the rest. All in all, I had a good experience at Herbivore and would not hesitate going back again and recommend to friends.

Herbivore Yerba Mate drink

Was recommended this drink by the waiter at Herbivore. It was served with some mint leaves, sounded really exotic when he described it, but I thought it was okay.

Herbivore: There are 2 branches in San Francisco. I went to the one at 531 Divisadero. The other one is located at 983 Valencia St. 


Source salad

Checking out the website and reviews, I had high expectations for the food here. However, I wasn’t impressed by the marinated cabbage salad – apparently Viet style slaw, as appetizer. I could have chosen from its wide selection of Western cuisines, from burgers to pizzas but instead I opted for Asian cuisine. Why? Maybe I didn’t want it to be fattening so I ordered the Fire Pot (below). Topped with a generous portion of soy protein, I remembered chewing a lot of the soy protein that evening. But didn’t really taste much of any lemongrass or ginger in the broth. The rice noodle was okay but overall it was an underwhelming experience eating at Source.

Source noodles

In terms of atmosphere, there were lots of colored lights flashing in the restaurant but I don’t know how much of it is actually therapeutic than gimmick.

However, I want to give Source the benefit of doubt and given a chance, I would visit again and make sure I order only Western cuisine.

Source – Address: 11 Division Street, San Francisco

Looking for other veggie options in San Francisco, check out my first write up on Gracias Madre and Cha-Ya and farm:table.

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