Seoul Veggie Eats: Loving Hut and Oh Sae Gyae Hyang

During my brief Seoul trip, I visited 2 more vegetarian restaurants. Loving Hut located in Sinchon and Oh Sae Gyae Hyang at Insadong.

Oh Sae Gyae Hyang menu

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I ventured back to my favorite district Insadong and decided to give Buddhist restaurant Oh Sae Gyae Hyang a try .  Click more to find out what I ate…

It can get tricky navigating around veggie restaurants in Seoul, Korea as they seem to be hidden in some cospicuous corner.


Oh Sae Gyae Hyang, which translates to “Scent of Five Worlds” is located in the heart of Insadong 4 Gil. Its signboard clearly indicates this is a vegetarian restaurant.

Oh Sae Gyae Hyang korean soup

I’m always overjoyed to enter a restaurant where I can eat everything on the menu. Because I came alone, I could only pick one dish. Finally decided on the Korean style hot soup cooked with veggies, mushrooms, and soy proteins. Doesn’t fail to amaze me how one dish could suddenly become such a spread. A little disappointed though that the soup wasn’t as spicy as it looked and there were not as many soy proteins but the side dishes made up for it.

Oh Sae Gyae Hyang close up

A close-up of the side dishes – Most of the time, you’re sure to get kimchi on the side. At this restaurant, I was also served leafy vegetables with tofu and a rather sweet lotus root dish as well as I believe mushroom meat.

Oh Sae Gyae Hyang

Wasn’t too bad eh, I wiped out everything.

Oh Sae Gyae Hyang address: Insa-Dong 4 Gil (Take the subway to Anguk station then walk along Insadong, it’s near the Samzie-gil art building at the end of the alleyway.)

Loving Hut Rainbow at Sinchon 

Tempted to order everything on the menu but ended up with these:

Loving hut Seoul

Kimchi Hearty Fried Rice with a mouthful of spaghetti salad on the side. I’ve tried a lot of fried rice but first time Kimchi style. It’s surprisingly good.

Loving Hut - Tofu hotpot

There were 3 types of pot stew – bean-paste, grilled soy protein but we settled for soft tofu.

Loving Hut - close up tofu pot

A close-up of the pot stew – it was quite spicy and filled with chunks of tofu as promised.

Loving Hut - Udon noodles

This dish has a fancy name – Tukbaegi Pottery Udong, but it tasted to me like just plain udon soup topped with straw mushrooms, beancurd puff strips and vegetarian fish meat.

After a hearty meal, I had a scoop of their rich and creamy but organic vegan ice cream. It was so delicious I could have a tub but resisted…

If I ever go to Seoul again, will definitely visit Loving Hut at Sinchon. There’s lots of shopping in this district too.

Apparently, there are many Loving Hut branches located around Korea and even Seoul alone.

Loving Hut – Sinchon Branch

Address:  33-10, Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul Korea (Get out of Line 2 Sinchon Station, Exit 2 and walk straight across 5 streets, look out for a church on the right hand side of the road. Loving Hut is on your left just before the traffic light.) 

Big thanks to vegan blogger Mipa and her Alien’s Day Out blog for all the useful resources that opened my eyes to the vegetarian cuisines available on my virgin trip to South Korea.

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