Seoul Veggie Eats @ Sanchon Temple Cooking

Seoul is not known to be a vegetarian friendly city but I managed to find a couple of veggie eateries. One of my most memorable meals was at Sanchon (Mountain Village), which offers a massive set meal platter that comes with a variety of fresh vegetables said to be from Korea’s woods and mountains.

Entrance of Sanchon

Sanchon entrance

Click more to check out the full course lunch meal I had at Sanchon.

Insadong entrance

Sanchon is hidden inside Insadong, an artsy and touristy district located near the Anguk subway station in Seoul, Korea. Look out for the sign post that looks like this.

Sanchon shop

You will see this shop selling lots of goodies, keep walking in.

Sachon starters

I had to remove my shoes and then wash my hands by the basin before entering Sanchon. Once ushered inside, I sat cross legged on the floor mat as they served up watery plain kimchi, porridge of the season and jelly that looks like cold glass noodles.

Appetizer platter

The first course looks amazing and I actually like this platter better than the main course. Fried Kelp, three kinds of pan fried seasonal vegetable pancakes made with radish, cooked roots of baloon flowers and fern braken, radish mushrooms, oeooers and other vegetables wrapped in thin vermicelli pancake. The spicy bean sauce in the middle was yummy, I spread most of them on the pancakes.

Sachon spread

And then here’s the main course. I was blown away by the variety. Even though I had the menu with me, I lost track of what I was eating. I just nibbled and finished every single bowl.

Close up

A close up. They include: seven wild vegetables, kimchi, seasoned fresh lettuce, steamed beancurd with burdock, mushrooms, and carrots, small potatoes glazed with soy sauce and millet syrup, seasoned wild mountain roots, special chopsuey nade with various vegetables, seasonal Buddhist monk’s favorite vegetables – at this point I don’t know which veggie is which – rice with beans and millet, soybean stew with mushrooms, radish, red peppers, and beancurd.

Dessert tea and rice cracker

To finish off the main course, I had cooling dessert tea, very refreshing and not sweet, with sticky rice pastry.

Inside Sachon

At 33,000 Korean won, it was the most expensive meal during my trip there but all worth it as I had a feast. The environment is very calm and serene, if you go in the evening, the restaurant offers a Korean traditional art performance too. All in all, it’s worth visiting Sanchon and you can even buy some of the snacks on the way out.

Sanchon – Korean Temple Cooking

Address: 14 Kwanhoon-dong, Chongro-gu, Seoul Korea 110-300

Tel: 82-2-735-0312

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