Organic Farm Cuisine in Hualien Taiwan

There’s no menu at this organic farm. You get what’s in season and that means the freshest ingredients. No need to rack your brains deciding what to have. Here’s a peek of my favorite dish at this farm (四代務農) in Hualien, Taiwan.

Bai ye tofu with basil

More dishes in next page…


salad starter

First we started with this refreshing salad and seaweed. I ate most of it.

radish egg

radish egg

This egg dish looks simple but tastes delicious as it’s cooked with savory  radish bits.

green veggies

green veggies

It’s a local vegetable called San Shu, stir fried with ginger and minced mushroom. Crunchy and delicious.

pumpkin soup

pumpkin soup

Chunky pumpkin and shredded ginger soup. Another simple but tasty dish. However, we ate so much we didn’t manage to finish all the pumpkin.


after pic

Evidence that my “partner-in-crime” and I gobbled all our food! Except the pumpkins…


entrance of the farm restaurant


A bit of the farm restaurant from the outside. Overall, food were tasty and I would recommend if you appreciate fresh organic dishes. Atmosphere was awesome, we had a spacious room to ourselves and managed to peek at another room that were full of retro knick knacks such as the dialing telephone, old kettle etc.

四代務農 Si Dai Wu Nong (Chinese website only)

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