Raw Food Program @Bali, Ubud

I’ve recently signed up for a 3 day raw program with Kate and Becky at Natural Instinct Healing in Ubud, a beautiful town in Bali, Indonesia.

Below my food diary of the raw experience.

Day 1: Saturday

papaya smoothie

Kickstarting the morning with a papaya smoothie before yoga.

heart shaped mango and star papaya mix

Breakfast: Heart shaped mango and star shaped papaya plus nut mix in cashew milk. There’s more…


We added locally grown passionfruit  to the breakfast too. Love the crunchy and citrus zing to it.

beet and carrot salad

Dinner: Delicious wakame, beetroot and carrot salad topped with avocado and sesame seeds. Always look forward to the sun-dried tomato flax seed cracker as a side.

Day 2: Sunday

dragonfruit and pineapple mix

Breakfast: Tropical mix filled with dragonfruit, pineapple, shredded coconut and nuts.

Kate and Becky at Soma

Lunch@ Soma with Kate and Becky – Raw hummus, live pizza and thai salad.

Dinner: Guacamole and an assortment of dips with fresh carrot and red pepper sticks.

Yes, you can eat these flowers and they taste interesting…

Bali Buddha snacks

Dessert: Raw chocolate, date bars and cinnamon balls from Bali Buddha.

Day 3: Monday

Breakfast: Star shape papaya, fruits served with cocao powder and almond milk.

Lunch: Spinach salad, celery and tomato served with walnuts.

Dinner: Zucchini noodles with french beans and tomato.

So what exactly is raw food? A plant-based diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Why go raw?

1.Raw food contains enzymes which are proteins that aid digestion, immune function, brain activity and energy production.

2. Cooking food destroys 50-80% of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while raw foods maintain a high water content so many people feel years younger when they eat raw.

3. Most of us are acidic from eating processed food, wheat, sugar, meat and fish diet. Raw foods are alkaline and helps to balance our bodies PH.

(Source: Found on the menu of Soma restaurant)

Overall, I really enjoyed the raw retreat and would like to go back and do a longer one next year. I’ve also learned to be more aware about raw food and its benefits.


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  1. Glad to stumble upon your blog since I live in HK and trying to eat meatless at least 3 times a week.

    Your Bali raw foods trip sounds awesome, I want to try it one day especially since I have not been to Bali before.

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