More Bali, Ubud Eats: Clear Cafe and Sari Organik

First night in Bali and I went to one of the best restaurants in town. My first raw meal or should I say raw feast in Bali?

Clear Cafe 

Red Primavera clear linguine

Red Primavera clear linguine

This clear linguine dish is served with sauteed vegetables and marinated mushrooms in marinara sauce.

Other delicious dishes include mushroom taco, living tower of pisa and many other raw cuisines at Sari Organik located in the midst of a padi field, click more now.

mushroom tacos

This clear mushroom taco is served on cabbage leaves garnished with cilantro and peppers with guacamole and salsa on the side. Refreshing and healthier option.

close up of pisa

A close up of the Living Tower of Pisa. Deliciously stacked tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and daikon with alfredo and pesto sauce.

zuchinni noodles alfredo cream

Because of the dim surroundings, I had to use flash on this dish. It didn’t really do justice but definitely my favorite that evening. Clear zucchini linguine in creamy cashew and Alfredo sauce. Yummy!

green concoction

Diamond Detox: When you sip this green concoction, you can taste a burst of different flavors all coming together – from local Bali aloe, fresh mint, ginger, turmeric, honey to sea salt.

cranberry mud pie

Dessert is one of the highlights of a raw diet. This is mulberry mud pie.

chocolate mud pie

And my favorite is chocolate mud pie. Must try! Clear is 3 levels high with beautiful architecture, worth a visit.

Clear Cafe: Jalan Hanoman No. 8, Padang Tegal Kaje. Tel. 361 – 8894437

Sari Organik

Sari Organik

After walking past the padi fields for 20 minutes, we finally arrived at Sari Organik.


Pink Treat

First, a Pink Treat – Contains pineapple, apple, mango, mint, beet, sweet potato and lemon honey sucked in a wooden straw – yum.

Raw papaya salad featuring cucumber, carrot and red peanut in sweet sour dressing. Like the fresh crunchy papaya strips.

Thai salad – young coconut meat is sweet and tasty, so is the combination that includes sunflower, greens and cucumber.

Unlike most Thai soup, this is raw and has an interesting taste in a nice way. Made with cashew nut, cucumber, turmeric, pepper and coriander.

Between the 2 restaurants, I prefer Clear Cafe better but Sari is worth checking out if you like to make a trip to the padi field. You can also check out their organic garden across the cafe after.

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