New York Eats: Candle 79

Before I even arrive in New York, my friend Wendy has been raving about this gourmet vegan restaurant – Candle 79. And sure enough, it didn’t disappoint. Here’s what we had the day I hoped off the plane:

chickpea cake and coconut curry

chickpea cake

The red pepper coconut curry gives a spicy kick to this Moroccan spiced chickpea cake and goes well with the hint of ginger mango chutney and toasted almonds on top and filled myself silly with lots of healthy sauteed greens.  Curious to know what other mouth-watering dishes I had? Click more.



A pre-starter before the appetizer – crunchy bite-sized cheesy bruschetta.

guacamole timbale




Blown away by the fresh ingredients and presentation of the dishes. Crispy tortilla chips served with a thick chunk of guacamole, chipotle black beans, cucumber tomato salsa and ranchero sauce.

oyster mushroom

oyster mushrooms

Before I feature the other main, here’s a side that we both wanted to try: Grilled oyster mushrooms and jalapeno vinaigrette. Thought they could be more generous with the dressing.

Caribbean Jerk Grilled Seitan

Caribbean Jerk Grilled Seitan

Quite similar to the earlier Moroccan dish, this has lots of collard greens or Kailan/ Kale. Love the plantains and the zing from the pineapple-mango salsa. Also has black bean rum sauce and habanero-cilantro coulis. My first encounter with seitan in America  – has a meaty texture, which is ok in moderation.

Overall, love the atmosphere and food here. Be prepared to splurge at this restaurant.

Candle79 – 154 East 79th Street at Lexington Avenue 

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  1. I LOVED Candle 79…used to haunt them when I lived on the East Side. They also have a sister restaurant called Candle Cafe or Candle Light Cafe. Eat up in NYC! How long are/were you there for? There are a bunch of amazing Vegan brunch places.

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