Singapore: Eight Treasures Vegetarian

Will be sharing my Singapore Veggie Eats in upcoming posts, first stop –

Eight Treasures Vegetarian (Guillemard Village)

Nonya Curry Fish
Nonya Curry Fish

I love spicy food and this Nonya Curry Fish is just perfect since it’s drowned in Assam sauce and ladies finger/ okra.

To drool on more Singaporean veggie dishes, click quickly to get your fix.

Pork Belly Fat

Pork Belly Fat without killing any pigs. This is one acquired taste, you like it or not. I’m fine with it.

Cuttlefish stir fried water spinach

Not a fan of vegetarian cuttlefish due to the soft rubbery texture but really like the stir fried water spinach or what locals call Kang Kong and yes, peanut sauce rocks.

Hot Plate
Monkey head mushroom hot plate

Despite the hot and humid weather, you can’t refuse a sizzling hot plate of monkey head mushroom, tasty and meaty plus no monkeys harmed in the process.

2. Grand Court Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Fish

Even within the world of veggie fishes, there’s many varieties. Deep fried, soaked in soy sauce, add some ginger shreds – transforms into a delectable dish.

Egg Tofu Pockets

If you don’t mind eggs, you’ll love these egg tofu pockets – will satisfy your palettes.

Sweet & Sour

Can’t go wrong with sweet and sour pork dishes


Fresh succulent asparagus…

Nonya Fish

More fish but Nonya style topped with juicy pineapples, tomatoes and okra.

Fried Spring Roll Dough
Spring roll in deep fried batter, 3 pieces max but more if you really like it.

address: 12 Queens St, Hotel Royal #02-03 Spore 188553

My Flickr gallery has more mouth-watering dishes, check them out.

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