SCMP interviews Doufu Mafia

I was recently invited by South China Morning Post’s journalist Irene Liu to a delicious private kitchen lunch at Veggie Palace.

SCMP is the leading English language newspaper in Hong Kong and Irene wanted to tap my insights into the vegetarian cuisines and trends in the city.

In case you missed the coverage, here’s what she wrote:

“One chronicler of the latest in vegetarian food trends is Adaline Lau, a journalist who started the “Doufu Mafia” vegetarian food blog in 2008 as a hobby. “When I initially started a few years ago, I noticed mainstream food bloggers tended to be biased in their reviews about vegetarian food as they typically compared it to meat, which does not do justice to vegetarian cuisines and vegetarians,” she says…”SCMP

As Doufumafia is still a ‘hobby’ for me, I don’t get to update it as often as I should but what keeps me going is from time to time, getting an email or comment from you thanking me for making your experience in Hong Kong more enjoyable because you were able to find a variety of vegetarian places to eat in the city.

Since joining Shara’s meat-free Monday events, I’ve also had the opportunity to meet many like-minded vegetarians and vegans and that’s very encouraging.

I hope you’ll continue to find this blog interesting and useful and do share your feedback on how to improve and make it better for you 🙂

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