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Japanese cuisine is popular in Hong Kong but it’s not easy to find vegetarian sushi that serves more than your usual cucumber or corn filling.

Avocado crab meat roll

What I like about Gaia, also known as 大自然素食, is they offer mouth-watering sushi that looks so appetizing.

A big fan of avocado, this veggie eel and crab meat roll is my all time favourite.

Apart from a wide selection of Japanese sushi and noodle dishes, Gaia is also known for its Chinese cuisine.

Click more to check out Gaia’s famous monkey head dish.

crab shell sushi

crab shell sushi

Before moving on to Chinese dishes, I want to point out this crab shell sushi roll at Gaia. Made of fried seaweed and pickles, it scores big for presentation.

monkey head mushroom

This is Gaia’s signature monkey head mushroom dish I was raving about.

If you like monkey head shrooms like me, then you’re in for a treat.

Comes in three flavours – strawberry, salad and original. Plus you can bite into the yellow baskets as they are quite crunchy when served fresh.

For its soup selection, I once tried this Chinese herbal soup served in a coconut shell. Interesting concept since I always associate coconut with sweet and cooling not savoury and hot.

Do ask for their soup of the day when you’re there.

Herbal soup in coconut shell

Lotus leaf wrapped fried rice

Lotus leaf wrapped fried rice

Since coming to Hong Kong, I love eating fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf. It somehow tastes better than your usual fried rice dishes. While ingredients in the fried rice is simple, usually mushroom or salted veggies, the lotus leaf has a way of containing the aroma of the dish.

Gaia is located at 3 branches. If in Causeway Bay, go to the 8/F of Goldmark building or the new one is on 2/F of Miramar Shopping Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Look out for their late afternoon special where you can eat at half the price for all dishes.

Hungry for more pictures? Find them on my Flickr gallery.

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