Hello Kitty Sweets in Taipei

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, you would not want to miss this Hello Kitty themed restaurant in Taipei on Da An Road.

Hello Kitty door decor

kawaii mecca

Be prepared to drool at the decorations even before entering.

And because it is Taipei, this Hello Kitty restaurant offers 4 main course options for vegetarians.

Find out what they are.

Hello Kitty starter


If you order the full course meal, this is the only veggie asparagus starter you get. It is refreshing to kick start your palate for the main dish.

chicken spaghetti

chicken spaghetti

For veggie options, you could choose between spaghetti or baked rice. I chose veggie chicken, which comes with peppers and broccoli bits. It’s a big portion so if you want to choose from its wide selection of desserts available, you could share the main course with another girlfriend.

Hello Kitty salad

Hello Kitty salad

For 400NT++, it’s worth the value of a Hello Kitty set meal considering they’re served on Hello Kitty crockery. But beware that it’s vegetable soup is bland/tasteless although salad is fresh.

Hello Kitty preparing the table

Hello Kitty Sweets, upstairs

Hello Kitty Sweets has 2 floors, this is on the second level of the restaurant, it’s a good place to gather a bunch of friends or to celebrate your birthday.

Hello Kitty waitress

Hello Kitty uniform

No surprise that all Hello Kitty servers wear Hello Kitty uniforms and mostly young women.

Hello Kitty Christmas tree

Xmas tree

As I was there during the festive season, here’s some Christmas decorations.

Hello Kitty counter

Hello Kitty counter

So cute you won’t bear to eat them.

Directions: Alight at Zhong Xiao Fu Xing MRT station Exit 3 and walk towards 90 Da An Road.

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