Get Your Breakfast Fix @ Miu Fat Chai

If you want the real deal in Hong Kong and eat breakfast where the locals do, venture into To Kwa Wan on 37 Mei King Rd and grab a table in Miu Fat Chai 妙法齋.

This cosy restaurant serves affordable breakfast sets – standard fare in most Cha Chaan Tengs – a big bowl of noodles, toast and drinks and the bonus point is all food serve here are vegetarian.

Miu Fat Chai has now become one of the top restaurants I hang out with parents for yum cha on the weekends.

Here’s a typical breakfast spread:

preserved veggie, ham shanghai noodles

Shanghai noodles

Preserved vegetables and shredded ham slices in Shanghai noodle soup.

If you prefer dim sum, try the different Cheong Funs with various vegetable ingredients.

cheong fun

cheong fun

or the Beancurd Beef Balls made of chunky mushroom, water chestnut and hints of orange peel.

beancurd beef ball

Depending how many are at the table, sometimes my grandparents come along too, so we might order dishes such as these:

eggplant claypot 2

Eggplant Claypot

This eggplant dish served in claypot features bak choy, mushroom and beancurd slices. Stewed in oyster sauce, it brings out the natural flavours of the vegetables.

If you want to stick to a safe option, try the sweet and sour chicken.

sweet and sour

sweet and sour chicken

Yes, you can eat the ‘basket’ too, which is actually very crunchy and addictive since it’s made of fried yam.

And my all time favourite dish is the Club Sandwich!

club sandwich

club sandwich

Must try or at least pack home. Love the ham and chicken chunks made of soy meat.

Miu Fat Chai has two other branches one in Tsuen Wan (2412 0301) and the other in Tuen Mun (24507288).  To Kwa Wan – 27658413.

Bring someone that knows how to read Chinese along or just be adventurous and point to whatever looks good.

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  1. Miu Fat Chai’s “cheong funs” are made in the restaurants too, that’s why they taste so good. It’s one of my favorite b’fast places when I’m in Hong Kong. Your blogs on veggie places are really good, now I can find new restaurants to venture when I’m in HK. Thanks. BTW, I live in Toronto.

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