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San Francisco is one of those enlightened cities that supports Meatless Mondays, advocating “more tofu, and less steaks“.

Special thanks to my friends Ross and Paul, owner of Veggie SF cafe in Hong Kong, who recommended a good selection of restaurants I had to try while there.

Here’s the top picks:

Greens Restaurant

greens platter

Summer Sampler

Farro salad with Mediterranean cucumbers, sweet cherry tomatoes, eggplant relish with pine nuts, capers and basil; summer beans with tarragon;hummus; spicy tomato jam; olives and grilled pita.

greens restaurant crepe

Masa Harina Crepe

A gigantic crepe filled with corn, peppers, poblano chilies, cheddar, tomatillo sauce, cherry tomato salsa and crème fraiche. Served with Green Gulch rainbow chard and kale with pumpkin seeds and grilled grazzini squash with chipotle lime butter.
Verdict: Great sea view, food leaves you feeling very satisfied and well worth the splurge.
cafe gratitude

I am Abundant

This sampler plate features almond hummus, hempseed pesto crostini, spicy cashew nacho cheese with flax chips, olive tapenade, buckwheat crackers and spring roll wrapped in leaves.

cafe gratitude wrap

I am Accepting - sushi bowl

Opting for the sushi grain bowl, we had steamed brown rice tossed with kale, avocado, cucumber, seaweed and herbs in sesame ginger sauce.

Verdict: Located in a quiet neighbourhood but once you step into Cafe Gratitude, you could feel the warmth and friendliness of the people inside. Menu names are very new age and they serve mostly raw and vegan food, which I like since it’s not widely available in Hong Kong.

Golden Era

pho at Golden Era


It’s ironic but my first time eating the veggie version of Pho is in the U.S. not Vietnam. This dish comes with raw bean sprouts and lime separately and tastes like home cooked food, bringing a fuzzy warmth while sipping the soup.

Mexican DF

mexican cactus


I love Mexican food and this is the first time I’ve tried roasted cactus with lime and cilantro. Tastes like long beans but better.

mexican nachos

organic guacamole and cherry tomatoes

Big fan of guacamole, more please!

Crepe O Chocolat


quiche in SF

gluten free vegetarian quiche

Discovered a cosy cafe in Union Square where I settled for a quick breakfast before starting the day. The owner, a French woman was very friendly and appreciated that she made all the food on the spot.

All in all, enjoyed the wide range of veggie food in SF. Love to go back again and try more.

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