Seek inner peace at Cafe Zen

Cafe Zen is nestled in the hustle and bustle of Mongkok, located on the 13th floor of Dundas Square.

Spanish tomato pork cutlet linguine

The cafe is owned by Kelvin, a Buddhist who volunteers at the temple cooking vegetarian cuisines before setting up his own eatery five years ago with his parents.

Cafe Zen offers a wide variety of food and the Spanish tomato pork cutlet linguine is an example of its range of fusion dishes available.

If you like Thai food and Indian mutton curry, click more to check out pictures.

tom yum gung

The Tom Yum Gung vermicelli is highly recommended at Cafe Zen. It’s not common to get this Thai dish in vegetarian style in Hong Kong and I like its gravy, although it will be even better if it’s more spicy.

top view

Indian mutton curry brown rice set

Although this dish is marketed as Indian mutton curry, it’s not as rich in flavour as you would expect from an authentic Indian curry dish.

I guess that’s because the owners want it to appeal to the Chinese palettes but it’s tasty if you’re not too fussy.

honey mustard potato apple salad

Cafe Zen usually offer set meals during dinner time and you can either choose between a soup or salad. This potato apple salad is simple but fresh, would be great if the portion is a little bit bigger.

masala chai

What better way to end off a hearty meal than with a masala chai.

Hmm, warm and toasty.


A disclaimer about Cafe Zen though, it also offers meat dishes for carnivores. Kelvin explains his rationale is to make it more convenient for vegetarians to bring their friends to enjoy a meal but whom might not be keen to go veg all the way.

cozy hang out

If you just want to hang out, the cafe offers a selection of snacks such as veggie chicken nuggets or buns along with a variety of teas from Taiwanese bubble teas to Chinese tea brewed in clear glass pots.

Kelvin recommends you call to reserve seats at 9606 2086.

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  1. Hiya

    I was born in HK but grew up in Singapore. My Hubby is a vegetarian so finding vegetarian foos for him has become my goal.

    I’ll be going back to HK this Nov with Hubby and our son to attend my brother’s wedding. Your website has become a good source of all the vegetarian places I’ll bring my Hubby to try out. I will definately bring him to eat the vegetarian sashimi you talked about on the other entry.

    I enjoy your blog and I’m sure a lot of fellow vegetarians out there appreciate your time and effort like me. :))

    As for me, I am looking forward to all my childhood favourites like fishballs, char siew fan, wanton noodles…. đŸ˜‰

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