Shanghai veggie galore

Think shark’s fin, sea cucumber and abalone but veggie style.

How will it look and taste like?

sea cucumber and abalone

Long time chef Mr Luk decided to venture into vegan cusine, he set up Chihara, a private kitchen in one of the factories in Aberdeen.

If you’re inspired by dishes from Shanghai, Beijing and Sichuan, click to find out more.

Chihara offers a wide selection of starters.

vegetable wrap

This vegetable wrap looks tasty on its own but what I like is that it’s wrapped with a thin layer of crispy beancurd skin. Good to pop in mouth.

lotus root

I love lotus roots in general, this one is fresh, crunchy and stuffed with tiny bits of glutinous rice.

Buddha's Delight

Also known as Luo Han Zhai, if you don’t mind gluten, it can be quite tasty.


Steam eggplant/ brinjal sprinkled with tomato sauce is soft yet sweet, a simple yet delicious dish on its own.

tofu skin

I’m a big fan of tofu skin. This is crispy and thick, can’t help getting extra servings.

the Spread

Here’s an overview of our starter for the night.

pork belly

Vegetarian braised pork belly with bean curd skin. I wonder if it contains as much calories as the real ones?

sharks fin soup

I’ve had many vegetarian shark’s fin soup but this one lacks vermicelli and ingredients. It’s not as tasty too.

potato shreds

This stir fry pepper and potato shreds is crunchy and refreshing.

seafood hotpot

I find vegetarian fishballs are ok in moderation and the soup’s  really tasty. Hidden underneath are lots of vermicelli which I kept taking extra helpings.

pork shreds

One of the last few dishes, but not really my favourite.

Singapore noodles

It seems there’s quite a bit of hype for Singapore noodles in Hong Kong but I have no idea what authentic SG noodles should look like. Chihara’s has too much curry powder and it’s not distributed evenly.

osmanthus balls

The final dish – osmanthus soup in glutinous balls. A great way to end off our feast for the night.

Details: Costs about $150 per head. Have to call Ms Ng at 6578 3039 for reservation.

Dishes doesn’t contain MSG, eggs or dairy products.

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