Get your tea fix at Lok Cha

oolong tea

This canton-style teahouse located in Hong Kong Park is said to serve more than a hundred different types of tea from Flower tea, Black tea to Green tea from Anxi, Taiwan and Guangdong.

As me and my friend are not tea connoisseurs (I came for the vegetarian dim sum actually) so we settled for Rose with Pu’er and Osmanthus Phoenix Oolong.

Click more to find out the ritual in preparing tea and what dim sum you can get here.


While waiting to be served, we both took turns to pose at the glass shelf showcasing tea ware before a waiter came and showed us how to prepare our tea.

tea served

As you can tell, my friend who is visiting Hong Kong is fascinated by the place and listening intently to how its prepared.

Personally, I prefer the Rose with Pu’er better than Oolong tea despite it supposed to be fruity and scented with osmanthus.

The highlight for me was the food but it’s not really enough for a full meal unless you are a light eater.

We ordered about more than half of the selection and here’s what we have in order of preference.

Beancurd slices

Fresh and thick, I like the texture of this dish.

bee hoon

Lots of ingredients including vegetarian ham.


You are meant to eat the buns with the curry but it doesn’t really go that well together.


The dumplings is quite forgettable…

Fun guo

If I had to choose between the two, I prefer this Fun guo or Chiu Chow dumpling better.

lok cha spread

It’s a good place to bring your friends who are coming to Hong Kong as a tourist or someone who appreciates Chinese tea.

Despite the Orientalness of this place, it’s very tourist friendly and comes with an English menu so you easily acquire an appreciation for Chinese tea.

From Admiralty MTR, it takes less than 10 minutes to walk to Lok Cha Tea house at the K.S. Lo Gallery of Hong Kong Park.

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