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shepardess pie

I finally visit Bookworm Cafe while chilling at Lamma Island over the Easter break.

As a vegetarian, I don’t usually get to eat Shepard’s pie so I jumped at the opportunity to try the shepardess pie from Bookworm.

Instead of minced meat, the bottom layer is made of lentils and I like that it complements with the otherwise bland potato mash on top.

Heard of a tofu omelette? Click more to find out.

tofu omelette

I’ve always tried omelette but this is the first time I had a tofu in the mix.

It’s quite interesting and especially if you don’t eat cheese, you will like this option. However, I might just stick to the conventional omelette next time.

In particular, I like the baked potato slices a lot, which goes well with tomato sauce.

pumpkin soup

We both ordered a bowl of house soup and in hindsight, we could have just shared one.

It has a rich texture and fills you up and they serve quite a lot of toast to go with the starter too.

pasta salad

What I like about this dish is that I didn’t know you can mix soba into a salad and it actually still taste good. The goat cheese adds a creamy texture to the raw salad.

bookworm exterior

This is how Bookworm cafe looks from outside. It’s a cosy place to hang out with friends but because it’s usually busy, I’m not sure if you are encouraged to sit around and relax with a book.

live simply that others may simply live

You’ll be able to see this on the way to the bathroom and after your meal at Bookworm you can visit the organic store just across from it.

Overall, the service is not bad but don’t expect the waitresses to stop over and have a chat with you, especially on weekends, they’ll probably be too busy to chit chat but you will be so engrossed with your food you won’t even mind.

Make sure you reserve at Bookworm Cafe before going to avoid disappointment, it’s a popular spot.

G/F 79, Yung Shue Wan Main Street, Lamma Island, 2982 4838.

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