Private Kitchen @ Veggie Palace

cold dish

The concept of private kitchen is quite unique to Hong Kong.

The ‘kitchen’ usually decides the menu for you and you need to book in advance.

Veggie Palace (貴德宮皇廷素宴) has a Zen atmosphere, decorated with calligraphy, Chinese paintings and Buddhist altars.

We started our ‘banquet’ with a cold dish that includes a selection of pomelo salad, century eggs, vegetarian ham and sushi rolls.

Click more to find out other mouth watering dishes we had at Veggie Palace.


It’s a cosy restaurant to chill and wait for friends to arrive – lavender tea is served.

wanton crisps

A typical Hong Kong dish, wanton skin is deep fried and served with tomato gravy. The crispy wanton skin goes well with the sweet and sour sauce.

dumpling in pumpkin soup

Your mouth is filled with a burst of vegetarian shrimps once you bite into the dumpling, that adds to the otherwise plain, yet tasty pumpkin soup.

beancurd bags

It’s interesting how beancurd puffs can be transformed into vegetable pouches. Apparently, this is a special type of organic green veg.

cheesy tomato crackers

An in between snack to balance the rich dishes, the rice cracker is topped with a slice of tomato and melted cheese mixed with mayonnaise. It’s a simple but refreshing item.

shitake mushroom with alfalfa

Another snacker, the mayonnaise softens the raw taste of the mushroom.


Although I didn’t get the name of the soup, it contains sea coconut and Chinese herbs, every sip of the soup feels nourishing to my lungs.

fishball curry

Unlike most vegetable curries, this dish contains cauliflowers and vegetarian fish balls. It goes well with both the eight grain rice or toasted baguettes.

osmanthus dessert

Apparently, Veggie Palace is known to serve one of the best osmanthus dessert in Hong Kong. It’s light and refreshing and a good way to end off the banquet.

Overall, I had the most satisfying meal and a wonderful time catching up with friends that night.

Located on the 2nd level of Ming Fung Building, look out for Cafe De Coral when you come out of Wan Chai MTR.

Call 28386506 to reserve, apparently they offer lunch sets and I love to go back to try again.

What other vegetarian private kitchens would you recommend in Hong Kong? Love to discover more.

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  1. This place was not open to tourist reservations. We had to call them 3 times. They food was not so great. too much mock meat. not a great place for visitors. No alcohol, etc.

    • Hi Chris,

      I think Veggie Palace serves up a good balance of mock meat and vegetables. Most vegetarian places don’t serve alcohol because of the Buddhist background, similar to temples.

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