Nachos fever @ Cafe Iguana


I’m a big fan of nachos and enjoy Mexican food especially on days when I crave avocado.

As you can see, this is Cafe Iguana at Civic Square in Elements shopping mall.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the cushy seats shown in the background and had to settle for the chairs outside.

When it comes to nachos, I’ve eaten before where the cheese is too chunky and sometimes not melted enough or burnt and even worse, when the chips are not fresh.

Here, the toppings include roasted corn peppers, jalapeño, tomato cubes and a relatively generous amount of guacamole that comes with fresh and crispy chips.

Want to know what other options you can get at Iguana? Click more to find out.

Here’s a close up of the nachos:


It was very satisfying and then we chomped down our second dish – the Quesadillas.


I thought it was a good mix since the flour tortilla has a very different texture to the crispy corn chips so your jaws don’t feel too tired after all the crunching.

The quesadilla is filled with asadero cheese and grilled roasted peppers and as the dish is served fresh from the oven, it felt like comfort food as we sat out in the cold (winter).

The only thing about eating Mexican food for vegetarians is the ingredients are more or less similar after a few dishes, so better to eat with fellow veggies in small numbers or you might be bored with the lack of variety.

Do you know of any other Mexican restaurants that have a good selection of veggie options? Please ping me if you do.

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