Dai Pai Dong @ Kan Kee

If you want to get authentic Dai Pai Dong style vegetarian dishes in Hong Kong, head on to Bowrington Road Market located in Causeway Bay.

Kan Kee Healthy Vegetarian is said to be Hong Kong’s first vegetarian stall located in a food centre, which has now being around for more than 20 years.

honey glazed char siew

The honey glazed char siew slices are sprinkled with sesame seeds to give it a slightly nutty taste. Elsa explains she doesn’t advocate using mock meats for her food and so they are all naturally made.

Kan Kee is named after Elsa’s father, who started off selling fish ball noodles but since he retired, his eldest daughter, a vegetarian took over and transformed it into a vegetarian eatery in a bid to encourage more people to go veggie.

Joining a table of vegan meet up members, I got to try a wide variety of dishes.

Special thanks to Elsa who handed me the menu and patiently showed me the names of  dishes I was eating.

veggie shark's fin

In what looks like the shark’s fin, this dish contains abalone mushroom, vermicelli and bamboo shoots. As I’m a fan of soupy dishes, this goes very well with my bowl of rice.

Corgette and mushroom stir fried in XO sauce

This dish came out steaming hot and as you can tell, it’s been attacked before I could even shoot a picture.

The corgette or zuchinni is stir fried in XO sauce with golden mushrooms, which conceals the rawness and give it a flavorsome taste.


Melon with golden mushroom

You’ll be surprised at the wide variety of melons or corgettes there’re in Hong Kong. Each of them tastes slightly different and can be cooked into very different dishes in Chinese cuisines.

Beancurd skin with hints of ginger

I’m a big fan of beancurd skin and this dish simply screams at me to gobble it.

I like how the crushed ginger gives the otherwise blend dish a sharp jab in your tongue and goes well with the fungus on top.

vegetable potato curry

Coming from a country where curry dishes are always rich and spicy. It took me a while to acquire a liking for the very mild curry versions offered in Hong Kong.  This curry dish is filled with potatoes, cauliflower, broccolli and cabbage. Gravy is a bit too diluted.

Tofu stir fry with zuchinni

Tofu slabs can taste delicious after a quick stir fry in the wok with vegetarian oyster sauce.

sweet & sour veggie chicken

Sweet & sour dishes is not new and seems to be popular across the globe.

But because it has to be sweet and sour at the same time, it’s an art to get a balance of the taste. This one came out well.

Kan Kee’s opening hours are between 11 to 230pm and 6 to 930 pm daily except Sundays.

You can call Elsa at 92878787 to make reservations when you go in the evenings.

Address is 21 Bowrington Road, Stall 6 2/F, South Block. It’s about 5 minutes walk from Causeway Bay MTR.

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